Blatant Abuse of Public Trust Essay

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Blatant Abuse of Public Trust

I’m writing in response to the article published on the WMCTV website on January 24, regarding the shutdown of the Galilee Memorial Gardens for theft of property and abuse of a corpse. When has such flagrant disregard of the public trust become the norm? When did institutions, who serve the public at our most vulnerable time, come to the realization that monetary gains outweighed personal integrity? Must we the public mistrust all institutions that serve us at our most vulnerable times? Must we ourselves investigate them, must we stop trusting the agencies that are responsible for protecting the public? I for one hope not. Not only has Mr. Lambert abused public trust more than once and finally had his illegal operation shut down, but” he was charged last year with selling burial plots on land that he didn’t own.”(Jacobson, 2014) At that time, he only received a slap on the wrist, and was allowed to continue his shady activities unregulated by government agencies. I am deeply saddened by how the families and their loved ones were treated by Galilee Memorial Gardens Why must government agencies wait until something like this happens, before doing their job of protecting us from unscrupulous institutions? Must we question everything or everyone before giving our trust to just anyone? I’d rather see the glass half full, not half empty.

Jacobson, K. (2014, January 24)