Blockbuster is Still A Hit Essay

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Blockbuster Is Still a Hit- South of the Border

Marketing research is a phenomenal tool for discovering and comparing opportunities in the marketplace. It is a primary tool for providing information to managers to help them make the best overall decisions for the growth and continuation of their business. Blockbuster, a video rental store that remains just a memory of the old movie renting days, has used the powerful tool of marketing research to dig their way out of bankruptcy to appeal to a new market of people in Mexico. Since the introduction of online streaming videos to the United States, Blockbuster has struggled to meet the wants and needs of the consumer market. However, they have found a potential client base that values the brand and the products sold. Juan Elizalde, an analyst said, “Renting movies and video games also is still seen as a viable business model in the country, and Blockbuster Mexico’s outlets could be used by Elektra to create something more ambitious.” By expanding to a new market and letting go of the uninterested market of consumers, Blockbuster no longer faces financial crisis in Mexico- probably because most people in Mexico do not have Internet services and will remain unaffected by alternatives such a Netflix and other online video streaming services. The Blockbuster model also works so well in Mexico because in Mexico, entertainment services are a luxury that only the well-off consumers can afford. They are more interested in only paying for a movie or a game for a short period of…