The Old Man And Lynx

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The Old Man and Lynx
Old Man was traveling round over the prairie when he saw a lot of prairie dogs sitting on a circle by a fire. The Old Man begged them to let him sit by the fire with them. The dogs agreed and the Old Man saw that they were playing a game. They would put one of their numbers in the fire and cover him up with hot ashes; and then after he had been there a little while he would say “sk sk” and they would push the ashes off him, and pull him out. The prairie dogs taught the Old Man how to play. All the dogs went inside the fire but when they said “sk sk” the Old Man didn’t take them out and let them stay there and die. When they prairie dogs were roasted the Old Man sat down to eat them. He ate until he was full. And after Old Man fell asleep but before he did he said to his nose, “I am going to sleep now, watch for me and wake me up in case anything comes near. The Old Man slept after a while the nose woke the Old Man when a raven flew by and a coyote came near but the Old Man didn’t seem to care and ignored it for it was sufficient danger to him. As the nose snored to wake him up and said, “Wake up a Lynx is coming” but the Old Man paid no attention and kept sleeping. Meanwhile the lynx crept up to where the fire was and ate the rest of the roasted prairie dogs and when off to sleep on a flat rock not fair from where the Old Man was sleeping. The Old Man’s nose kept trying to wake up the Old Man all this time when finally he woke up. The nose told him