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Competitors Mugby Junction Mugby Junction’s online presence includes their own website and a Facebook page. The website looks very well kept and professional as well as visually appealing.
They use professional photos which we believe is an important part of a successful website. The website is also very simple and easy to use, with the different tabs of the website being displayed multiple times. They also have a menu section, which is an important part of any café/restaurant website since it is usually the most visited section.
Lastly, they have a large, easy identifiable section where they have their contact information as well as a link to their Facebook page.
Their Facebook page looks well upkept. They post frequently with creative, multimedia content that has calls to action to keep followers involved. They also have well used review sections with 50+ positive reviews. Blue Heron Blue Heron’s online presence includes their own website and a Facebook page.
The website has a very creative and artistic design which we believe appeals to their clientele. The design is simple, yet informative and easy to maneuver. The website includes a menu tab as well, which as we have stated is a must have on a café/restaurant website. There is not much interactive available on the website, but there is a link to their Facebook page.
Their Facebook page is also very well upket and professional looking. They post frequently with upcoming event and specials. They also use professionally done photos in many of their posts. They use all caps on their post which can come off as yelling or aggressive. They also have a heavily used review section with 100+ reviews. Acoustic Café Acoustic Café’s online presence include their website and a Facebook page. The website is good but not great. It has great navigation tabs with all the important information including menu, entertainment, roasting information, and retail. It is also up to date and has great information. The downsides to it is that it was deceiving when looking it up on Google because there is also a location in Eau Claire. Also, the font throughout the website was very small and hard to read. There was no link to their
Facebook on the website, mainly do to the fact their facebook page is no longer used it looks like.

The Facebook page has only 3 posts and has not been updated since 2012. The posts they do have utilized many different forms of posts such as sharing Facebook events and articles. They do have almost 160 reviews on the page. Caribou Caribou Coffee’s online presence includes a website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
Instagram, and Youtube account. Being a large regional company with almost 500 locations, their online presence is hard to rival with a small, local coffee shop. The website is very interactive and fun to be on, they also have a mobile site that you are automatically taken to when you visit the website on your phone. All their social media platforms are very interactive and combine multiple sources of media and have call to actions.

Currently, the only social media account implemented is Facebook. We want to revamp their Facebook account, as well as implement three new social media accounts. On their Facebook page, they advertise for upcoming events, share pictures, and advertise drink and food specials. We want to keep these things on Facebook

Website Improvements
One tactic they could use is the is the “retweet” button on Twitter. They could have online promotions where people retweet and the first few people get something free. This could be a way for those who are not following Blooming Grounds on Twitter to see about it.
Another tactic would be to utilize Yelp since your reviews on here could determine your placement online on a few platforms. For example if you ask Siri to find “coffee shops in
Winona”, Blooming