Blueprint Professional & Personal Growth Part II Essay

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Individual Reflection : My Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth II
Mariah Kamal
Walden University
October 21, 2013

This paper is my analytic theorem to my Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth from the course “Dynamic Leadership”. It gives a brief breakdown of my path to achieving my MBA. An executive summary is presented to show how the course educated me in a more systematic way and how it helped me identify my qualities as a leader and my values. Furthermore, in detail is three (3) goals I plan to achieve in my personal and professional development.

Executive Summary
Throughout this course, Dynamic Leadership has educated me and enlightened me in three aspects –
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Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth Part II
Action Plans

During the shared practices and articles read during week 6 & 7, I was able grasp the significance in the ability to draw out the values, principles and goals wether you are a leader, a follower or an individual. I was able to draw out many short and long term goals and have them prioritized. From the action plan that I have set, I am actually thinking of acquiring another MBA in Marketing. My mother said to me once that she has always seen the lady of substance in me. Through this clarification of my personal values I plan to be more than what she portrays me to be and someday be a renowned strong wealthy business woman – like those popular strong business men in Forbes magazine. My definition of wealthy is not by any fical monetary terms but by the power of accruing knowledge and wisdom.

Goal 1 : My first goal as I mentioned in the post of week 7, is to successfully improve and expand the hotel industry that I am leading. My aim is to attract more customers and offer quality services. My calculated time frame for this is between 2 to 3 years. Obejctive 1: To do this I have to achieve my MBA within 2 years.
Milestones: a. Implementation of new approaches and different leadership styles. Although with these time set objectives, there are other points that will stay for a long