Book Cover Anthropology

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A widely held misconception about scientific theory of human origins held by Americans due to lack of sciencitific engagement and a famous book’s cover art and media reaffirming it.
The question, “if humans evolved from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys?” has many issues incorporated into it. First, the condition draws it assumption from in large part from a famous book’s art cover and is a reaffirmed belief from media and second, anyone may have legitamately accurate but comparable questions such as, “If all of life evolved from bacteria, why do we still have bacteria?” Because with a little guidance, they can come to understand all the details they missed the first time around and put a stop to misunderstanding of evolution in their
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The public’s misconception ignited with a once famous art cover of book by an artist whose only required reading was a synopsis of it to assess what should be depicted on its cover. In this instance, there’s a saying that goes, “don’t judge by its cover,” where here its not only pertinent, but in a literal sense its greatly needed to not make incorrect assumptions based on a book cover oversimplifying misinterpreting scientific theory that’s meant to lure the target audience at a glance in capitalistic free market to purchase the book it envelops. Although, after a quick internet search reveals the book is nowhere to be found, and its monkey-to-human illustrations lives on only on websites debunking this very myth it propagates, its still perpetuated by the science illiterate religious fanatic and by media but notably much less so. Unfortunately, thanks to these contributors, it seems to be ingrained in the American psyche that our society can’t shake. To put it succinctly, the scientific consensus is Human and Monkeys have a common ancestor; Monkeys are not Human’s evolutionary ancestor. Nonetheless, even those who may have found this reasoning convincing might still have comparable but appropriate questions with an accurate presumptive condition about evolution such as,”if all of life evolved from bacteria, why is there still bacteria?” must have all their deep-rooted doubts weeded out at once so it may not