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Unit six review
Unit six is about writing critiques, such as book reviews and evaluating articles. The audience that is targeted by this book are students, it helps them in improving their English language. This unit have a methodology that students can apply to help them make their book reviews.

Firstly, one of the positive things is that the author gives many examples for demonstrations and the unit contains many helpful tasks, and have the meanings of new words such as the word critique and where it is from. In addition, what this unit does is it ensures that students do some reading assignments, assess the students’ understanding, try and develop habits of analytical reading, it trains graduate students to integrate the assigned reading with other readings they have done and it gives graduate students a better sense of the scholarly expectations in their chosen field. Furthermore, it also explains the difference between different types of book reviews such as ones written for a class assignment and published book reviews.

However, I think the unit would have been better if the tasks it have had some answers for them at the end of the unit and an explanation why and how this is a correct answer. Also, it does not give enough information on how to write a book review.

Secondly, it suggests how to write a good review by saying that it requires an awareness of evaluative language, which then it introduced the adjectives and some of frequently used evaluative