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The Help

Just think… the other side of the coin was tossed! Colored people and white people are usually on opposing sides when it comes to racism and segregation. However, what happens when someone turns the other cheek towards their race and supports the other. Things like that are usually not taken very lightly and are seen as a disgrace and as an embarrassment. Skeeter Phelan, a white woman in the book The Help written by Kathryn Stokett didn’t judge a book by its cover. Instead she assisted black women who were treated harshly by the white women in Jackson Mississippi, during the time of segregation. Due to the reason that the black people were believed to carry around dangerous diseases that could harm the white people. It caused Skeeters friends to look for ways to separate themselves from their black maids. However, Skeeter was looking for ways to prevent that from happening. She didn’t want that because she looked beyond what was being said about the maids and only saw the good and kindness in them. Not only that but this woman was also different than her friends and all the other white women in her town because she doesn’t mind nor does things the way they do, and as well as she wants to make a change in their segregated societies.

Skeeter was an ambitious woman who followed what her heart wanted. She didn’t care nor mind much about how people viewed her. She was her own person and didn’t try to become like the stereotypical white women. Instead she broke through that stereotype. She was the different one who didn’t get married right after high school like her friends and the other white women did. Instead she went to college in hopes of pursuing her dream as a writer. She graduated and earned her college degree that she worked hard to get. However she didn’t stop there, she continued and got the only job she can find which was at the Jackson Journal writing a housekeeping advice column called "Miss Myrna." In eyes of the other people she might’ve seemed odd for