To Kill A Mockingbird Thesis Statement

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n Name: Emilio von Borcke
Analytical Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird

Growing up is the most important part of life

[INTRO PARAGRAPH: Universal statement, context statements, thesis statement] Growing up is the most valuable time of life, kids are presented with millions of challenges. A kid will spend most of his or her life in this time period so they should really cherish this period of time. And in the novel To kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee (the author) writes about the time growing up and coming of age and she shows it in multiple places. For example Jem,Scout and Harper lee show how you should grow up and mature. [Body paragraph 1] Scout during the book becomes a normal 3rd grader and does not whine about school and
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This also shows how Jem is there for Atticus, because Atticus could not make it to her first day of school, so Jem took that job over. Usually when you go to your first day of school a parent is with you, but of course in this case that was not the case. The night of the pageant Jem demonstrates his responsibility for his sister when he tries to protect her from the unknown assailant. This occurs in chapter 28. They are walking home and then Bob Ewell comes and attacks them. Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Jem is hurt, but the key part of this upcoming quote is that Jem did not stop fighting he kept on fighting and never gave up. “We were nearly to the road when I felt Jem’s hand leave me, felt him jerk backwards to the ground. More scuffling, and there came a dull crunching sound and Jem screamed”.He was trying to save her luckily Boo Radley came and then saved them from being killed! At the end of the book Jem was a real man he was not just a thirteen year old teenager, he was a grown up and matured