Booker Washington's Achievements

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Booker Washington deserves a place in history because of his outstanding achievements.
Mr.Washington’s contributions led to the encouragement of African Americans to obtain an education. Booker received a place in history because his motivations, preparation and accomplishments in his lifetime.
Many things motivated Booker to get an education however he didn’t let his race get in the way of his goals. Booker was born into slavery like his mother and his father was a white farmer (Huso, 2011). He was inspired that getting an education would give him a better life.
Booker was so motivated to get an education that he attended night classes after work. Mr.
Washington believed if African Americans proved themselves as hardworking that they could
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Still wanting his goal to be educated booker went to a school named Tinkerville where he received his basic education that
BOOKER T. WASHINGTON 4 would later assemble him for advanced study (Huso, 2011). All of these contributions helped shape Booker T. Washington into the history of the United States.
Mr.Washington’s accomplishments show why he deserves a place in history.
Booker would sometimes fight the Jim Crow laws and violence against African Americans
(Huso, 2011). Even with his degree he would support other African Americans against violence and gaining their rights. He also went on to receiving honorary degrees from Harvard university and Dartmouth college (Huso, 2011). Booker wrote his autobiography Up From Slavery and got it published in 1901. Booker then became one of the founders of Tuskegee Institute and educated other students. Booker is important in history because he advocated for economic independence through self help, hard work and education. Mr. Washington’s accomplishment helped him claim his place in America's history.
In my research I learned several things about Booker T. Washington but one thing I