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Born in sin essay

In todays society, the future of people is determined by the place people are brought up in

and whom they’re surrounded by during this period of time. In the book born in sin Keishas

grandma tells her “Keisha Wright, face it, you born for darkness you poor and that means only

one thing. You were Born in sin”. Based on Keishas life events she determines her own future

while raised in government housing society.

What has happened in Keisha life has changes her upbringing, although she was born in

sin, she constantly fights against society to change her own future. Although she is expected to

be a rapper or basketball player, she determiners herself what she wants to be. Ms.Hill tells her

that she can’t be a doctor because she is born in sin, she's expected to end up like others living in

this society. Keisha shows her determination to become a doctor and tells Ms.Hill “I’m making

straight A’s. I ain’t fooling around no more. I want to go to medical school.” (Coleman 5). Black

people in the novel are known to be stupid, thieves, crack dealers, 16 and pregnant, etc.. Keisha

is expected to end up like characters such as Jeebie and her older sister Rhenda. These characters

are the known to be typical ghetto people that are born in sin. “Noooo. I don’t want to be no

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rapper or a singer. I was rapping last year, but I’m fourteen now.” (Coleman 5). Keisha is

showing she is maturing year by year by changing her future plans to become something, and

that is not determined by the society and people around her. Society around her believes she is

born in sin,