Bosnian Genocide U.n. Essay

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Dawn Casal 5-14-13

Genocide, is like an ethnic cleansing. It’s goal is to wipe out certain groups of people based on ethnicity or religion. The reason people turn to genocide is because the believe the race is below their groups’ status or because the nation is going through a hard time. They need to blame it on somebody. Genocide is wrong and its pointless. There is no reason to kill someone because your government or economy failed. I believe the U.N. should lead the world to fight to stop genocide without delay. The U.N. or also called the United Nations usually gave very little and never helped at all when it came to genocides in many countries. For example, during the Bosnian Genocide U.N. soldiers were in the area and didn’t provide protection or any type of help for the people. Another example was the Rwandan Genocide it was about land control. The Tutsis were making Hutus kill each other. Hutu extremists executed 11 U.N. soldiers that were from Belgium and Began. The reason the extremists killed them was because they weren’t really helping. A lot of genocides were going unnoticed. For example, Armenian Genocide in Turkey. They made it look like wartime casualties. As many as 1.8 million people were murdered. A long time has passed and now people started talking about this genocide. The media today doesn’t even call it a genocide, they call it a massacre. The media is just sugar coating it and making it look not as bad as it really was. I strongly…