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The Boston Consulting Group was founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson and like most companies their first month was not a very successful one. The company originated in Boston with just two consultants and five hundred dollars in billing at the end of the month. Nevertheless, Mr. Henderson was not deterred and had all intention to expand his company. Today the BCG is one of the largest private companies in the United States, a global management consulting firm who aspire to be “agents of change,” for their people, society and clients.
The Boston Consulting Group follows the Human Resources model, heavily investing in its people in regards to flexibility, training and benefits. Not only is the company interested in its workers but they are also socially committed. The BCG is a partner with the World Economic Forum, whose mission is to”improve the state of the world by enlisting business, political, academic and other leaders to mold regional, global and industrial agendas.” The company participates in annual meetings with other WEF members, alongside engaging in projects that seek to find solutions about problems that businesses and the world may face. To date, BCG has completed approximately two-hundred and fifty social impact projects for the year 2013. A “Hunger Hero” is what BCG was labelled as by the Second Harvest Heartland because of the companies creation of a data chart, which enables broader insight as to how society can “fight and understand hunger.” On the education level, BCG has partnered with several organizations and schools such as the Chicago Public Schools and the Victoria Schools systems to create strategies for improving performance and development. Five global initiatives were launched by personnels of BCG at the start of 2009 to reduce the amount of discharge from travel consumption, reduction of waste and increasing recycling. BCG staff have adapted well towards the changes to help the environment by using water filtration system instead of plastic bottles, increasing the use of reusable dishware instead of disposable dishware and last but not least, twenty percent of cars driven by their Athens office staff are Hybrid vehicles! Judging by the work the company does in health, education, philanthropy and arts and culture, and those listed above it is evident that BCG is sticking to their mission of making “a tangible contribution to the world we live in.”
The Boston Consulting Group is one of the world's largest management consulting firm, and attaining and keeping that title can not be done without honesty and trust of not only the company but employees who represent the brand. BCG is noted as stating that they “stand for intellectual honesty”, a trait that is very necessary especially in the world today. BCG believes that diversity helps the company meet their clients need better and creates an improved place to work. The company makes a commitment to all its people that no matter their race, gender, sexual