Essay on Bottom and Puck

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English Speech

Bottom & Puck

• Bottom because he gives a certain edge to the play • Puck adds all the drama and comedy within the main part of the play • Bottom adds comedy because of his arrogance -> We can see Bottom has arrogance because of the way he acts around the craftsmen, e.g. How he argues that he would be a better lover than a tyrant in Act 1, Scene 2. • Puck add comedy because he is the reason everyone is fighting and confused -> Puck is the reason because he was the one that put the flower juice on their eyes, and because of this Hermia is heartbroken, Helena is furious because she thinks it is all just a trick (Lysander and Demetrius loving her), the argument between Lysander and Demetrius and the argument between Lysander and Hermia. • Bottom is important because he is a key element of adding comedy to the play, because of the way he acts and presents himself. also the way he reacts to having an ass' head and being alone in the forest is humorous. -> When bottom is alone in the forest (after all the craftsmen run away because of his ass' head) he sings to show that he is not scared, this adds comedy because when you are scared you do not normally sing. • Puck is important because he is a huge key element to adding comedy to the play. this is by changing the hearts of the lovers and making many confusions within them. the prank he pulled on bottom…