Bowlby Attachment Theory Paper

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There are many theory and approach guiding my practices throughout my study and professional experience, I will illustrate two examples below:

Theme-based teaching approach

My theme-based teaching approach took place in toddlers room during my professional practicum. I noticed that children showing their interests in exploring and naming different kinds of dinosaurs. I have built the “Jurassic World” for children, included the literacy learning experience, and some hands-on visual activities tied to them.

The ‘Jurassic World’ theme provides opportunities to playfully explore and engage in literacy activities foster children to use reflective thinking to consider why things happen and what can be learned from these experiences, respond
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When children are frightened, they will seek proximity from their primary caregiver in order to receive both comfort and care. (Cherry, 2016). Bowlby’s attachment theory and circle of security approach influenced my practice throughout my professional experience while interacting with children under 2 years. (EDU1IEC)

The circle of security approach to children under 2 years old is formed on the basis of attachment theory and the importance of building resilient children, children with a strong sense of emotional security. The theory and approach help me to understand and interpret the behaviors of the children and their cues, and then help me to respond appropriately to what’s going on in regard to their emotional needs. For instance, at the first day starting my practicum in the infants’ room, I utilized the approach strategies to work with infants, responding to their cue appropriately, which helps me build the relationships with infants in a period of time. And Infants use the relationships to create expectations about themselves and how they relate to others as they