Brave New World Propaganda Analysis

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Propaganda and Mind Control as used by the Nazi Party and Brave New World
Bryant McGill once said, “Our minds have been poisoned and our accepted beliefs are unnatural and artificial.” The use of mind control is to poison the minds of society, and to get civilians to forget about their natural beliefs and allow only a higher power to teach them. In the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, a dystopian society is introduced, where babies are made to work and controlled to be happy with whatever job is put in place for them through a hypnopaedic phase in their sleep. This is in order for civilians to work as the World Controllers planned. Similarly, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi’s planned for possession of an entire state.
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Furthermore, the Nazis had the help they needed by psychologically controlling everyone to complete their missions. The use of mind control is in place through propaganda techniques, such as: bandwagon, which is to convince an audience to join an organization before it is too late; card stacking, which is building a case on one side of an issue while hiding another possibly equally persuasive. Finally, glittering generalities. Glittering generalities are intellectual language, mixed with emotion and cultural values. The use of propaganda techniques and mind control is visible in Brave New World as well as in Nazi Germany. Finally, it is evident that the Nazi Party and “World State” of the novel Brave New World can be compared and contrasted because each had the use of mind control against those in society, but they used it differently. The Nazis used power wrongfully whereas in Brave New World they used the hypnopaedics and …show more content…
Bandwagon is used by the World State to manipulate people. The World Controllers do so by encouraging sex and explaining to their society that everyone should feel free to have sex at anytime with anyone they please. This allows the society as a whole to go along with whatever they are taught to do. Another example of bandwagon in Brave New World is when the Director of the Hatchery Center says “erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal; (…); and not only abnormal, actually immoral (no!) ….” (Huxley.27). This shows that the World State discourages anyone to think of the past because they have now created an ideal society in which everything is perfect. They now live in a society where the Controllers have brainwashed everyone into thinking that sex is fine with anyone because it is their suggestion and everyone is doing it. Furthermore, the World State also uses the propaganda technique bandwagon by not allowing civilians to having any individualism and forcing them to attend scheduled social activities. Another example of bandwagon in the novel is the idea that “everyone belongs to everyone else” (Huxley 34). This is said by Mustapha Mond and is carried on by others. This hypnopaedic phrase explains that everyone is important to each other, and the way things run would not be possible without the contributions of everyone. This proves that