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Breyers History
The ice cream brand Breyers was founded by William A. Breyer in Philadelphia in 1866 just after the United States has recovered from the Civil War. The original flavor of Breyers ice cream is composed of cream, pure cane sugar, fruits and nuts. Mr. Breyer started the business by selling his home-made ice cream to his neighbors.
As Breyer’s ice cream was became the first choice of ice cream in Philadelphia, Mr. Breyer registered the name “Breyers Ice Cream” and opened the first retail shop in 1882. Breyer continued delivery of his ice cream with a horse-drawn wagon and opened up several more different retail stores. As Breyer grew in popularity, so did the number of retail stores.
30 years after the first ice cream was sold, Breyers Ice Cream got their first ice cream manufacturing plant in 1896. Consumption of Breyers Ice Cream went over a million gallons in 1918 with 3 states combined (New York, New Jersey, & Washington D.C.). Breyers has been a part of Unilever since 1993 (Unilever acquired Breyers from Kraft).
Why Breyers?
Breyers’ wide range of ice cream related products makes the brand the most appealing amongst its competitors for a differentiated ice cream product. In addition to having more than ten categories of ice cream including Breyers Gelato, 1/2 The Fat, Gluten Free, Fat Free, CarbsmartTM and many more products to make the ice cream experience delectable, Breyers’ innovative ice cream related recipes for a gourmet dessert experience make it