What Is Love For The Game Essay

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Ikaika Wilkerson
Mr. Braitsch
Brit Lit
August 15, 2014
Love for the Game As I glance at the ball then the goal, ball again then goal. I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins as I am on a breakaway. Feeling the defender right behind as I am sprinting as fast as I can to score the game winning goal. As I’m sprinting I can feel the defender trying to take me down, and the next moment I can hear the fans cheering while everything I see is in slow motion, I went past the defender then I struck the ball, everyone becomes quite, and watched the ball soaring through the air, it passes the keeper and slides on the side net for the game winning goal. The fans are going crazy and my teammates and I are going crazy as the opposing team is in disbelief on what just happened. Soccer involves a lot of skills, team work, and confidence in oneself and your team to be successful. This is what I love about the game of soccer; everyone is so passionate about it. People think that soccer is a girls sport and think it’s easy to do play, but in reality it’s a whole different ball game. You need to have stamina, and you need to be able to last 90 minutes in the games if you want to play. That’s why people don’t like to play soccer because it’s non-stop running through the entire game. In a soccer game you usually run about 7 to 8 miles depending on your position on the field.
Wilkerson 2
I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4 years old for AYSO, at first I just liked to play it because my friends were playing it too, but people started to see that I was good at it, it was like I was meant to play it because I looked like I’ve been playing forever. I was getting even better each year, I was about 8 years old and I realized how much I loved to play soccer, and that’s all I wanted to do because it was an addiction to me. I always wanted to be a professional soccer player