British Colonialism Essay examples

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Culture & Language

As British rule started to take over the country, the British wanted to convert the indigenous Indians into Christians. Missionaries started to flood the country to try and to cast Christianity in the light as a better religion. It sometimes worked, and often times it was only because they received payments for converting. Soon after, churches popped up in almost all corners of the country. It was quite a challenge shoving a foreign belief down people’s throats. Few gladly accepted it into their lifestyle, while others had turned hostile towards it which created opinionated conflicts and differences of opinions.

Prior to British colonialism, India’s languages were very fragmented and had about 15 major languages. The way the British spoke also influenced the people. English spread across the country like a wildfire, and the language adapted to suit local dialects. Due to the Indian Independence in 1947, English became and still is an official language of India.

Even though India is now independent, traditions and interests of the British still remain. For instance, cricket was introduced in India while the British Empire was still in power, and now it is the country’s main sport with one of the best teams in the world. Lots of architectural designs were inspired by Britain too, and many of India’s buildings look quite similar. There was a gradual change in India’s system of education, too. Teachers prior to British colonialism had a lot of