Essay on Bronfenbrenner Analysis

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Bronfenbrenner Analysis
COUN 5004 Survey of Research in Human Development and Behavior
Lynette Rollins-Barrett
Capella University
April 6, 2012


This essay will give a brief description of Urie Bronfenbrenner contribution to the psychology. It will assess Bronfenbrenner ecological theory of development. It will examine the Bronfenbrenner Ecological Model of Human Development how each of the five systems form a child’s personal development. The document will identify which of Bronfenbrenner systems had the greatest impact on this scholar’s individual’s growth. It will evaluate the effects of the ecological
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In the Exosystems, the learner attended church three times a week and learned about her Baptist religious values which are instilled in her ‘til this day. She sung in the church and sometimes as a background singer in the music studios for extra money. All the children in the neighborhood had extra-curriculum activities after school or jobs. Some of the peers who attended public school would tease those who were Catholic School uniforms, “like it was a cure or something”. She engaged in neighborhood block parties with diverse cultures and participated in democratic campaigns while growing up. It was a strong knit community. The neighborhoods knew each by name. She also was the official family and neighborhood baby-sitter.
The learner’s macrosystem was exposed to such a multicultural neighborhood, she began to question her own values system and religious practices. She questioned imposing laws and why they exist, she exercised her right of freedom. Therefore, the learner studied ethnic groups, their religions and participated in the service of worship. And, she is an advocate for domestic violence and rape victims. As result of 911, the learner now celebrates and embraces her American heritage as well as her African culture.

In the last system, Chronosystem is the learner’s personal experiences. In addition, “it is the patterning of the environmental events and transitions over the life course, as well as