Brotherhood Is An Enemy Or An Alliance?

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Brotherhood is an enemy or an alliance? Islam is a mean of violence or peace? Questions baffled the followers of current scene in Egypt and the official reflection by U.S. We know in politics the past enemy could turn to today friend and the way around. But! How could be part of the Islamic movement is an enemy at some places and friend somewhere else? In the time that both are using violence in the name of religion against their people? Or, is violence the same either used against Brotherhood community and when used against Israel and west is a terrorism? If you follow the official speeches by the EU and U.S you easily noticed the doubled standards of their policies. Far away of why U.S supported brotherhood in governing Egypt as they promised to protect Israel and conceding southern part of Sinai, and despite that brotherhood came to presidency by democratic election, we cannot condone using violence by them against churches, civilians and public sector causing the death of thousands. This does not mean we accept using the violence by the Egyptian police against civilians, unless as self-defence under human right rules. Any sovereign state has the full right of using its tools to protect the national security and its citizens.
The current scene forced me to focus more on religion, specially Islam, rather than politics. When listing to brotherhood leaders speeches, who they will sacrifice themselves for the sake of Morsi and for the sake of Muslim Brotherhood, you feel like living in the ages of prophet Muhammad and Islamic conquers. Despite prophet Muhammad said “ Oh Muslims, after me; your role in Islam is only informative” which mean by the mean of missionary and only missionary. But, when it comes to the notion and doctrine of theocratic governing as they are instead of God in earth, here comes the problem of Loyalty