Btec Unit 18 M2 Essay

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Unit 18 – Task 1 – M2

M2 – Analyse the arrangements made by an event organizer to plan a business event.

In this task I am going to be analyzing the arrangements made by an event organizer to plan a business. I am going to do this by identifying separate factors, saying how they are related and how each one contributes to the topic. In order to do so, I am going to use the cyclical process of management to aid my analysis.
The cyclical process of management is basically the process an event organizer goes through to plan a business event. This is how it works:

Cyclical Process of management:

The starting point of the cyclical process of management is to establish the context of the event by setting key objectives and aims. This helps
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They had to get venue details and ensure it was clean and efficient for the event. Fourthly, the cyclical process of management lead to the control stage. At this stage the action plan and management come into place. The action plan consists of the process and procedures that will take place on the day. We plan to arrive there in the morning and begin to prepare for the students. We are going to have 6 tables because we plan to divide the students into six groups of eleven. As they walk in, students will be given a worksheet, which will have different brands on them and they will need to work them out. This is a warm up activity, which will allow the students to have a feel of the event. After, we will introduce ourselves to the students and ask each on of them to tell us their names. Later on, there will be a PowerPoint presentation that will introduce the students to the event and the making of the soap. Then, in there groups, two people will go and make the soap while the rest of the group works on promoting the product by designing the package and choosing a brand name, and then they will be break. After break, students will come in, and to set their minds on task again, they will be given a worksheet to workout the cost of their product. Following on, they will plan out an advert for there soap, in order to convince people to buy their product. They will perform at the end and