Essay about Buddhism V. Hinduism

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What were the similarities and differences between Hinduism and Buddhism?
As the textbook, Connections, A World History, points out, Buddhism and Hinduism have similarities and differences. Both Hinduism and Buddhism came from India. However, Hinduism spread through the country in area and number of people at a much higher rate than Buddhism. Other similarities and differences included founders, caste systems and the formula to become enlightened.
While Buddhists have one founder, Siddartha Gautama, Hindus do not have a founder or teacher. Rather, it was developed organically in concert with Indian society. Hindus worshipped a multitude of deities. Hindus have many Gods and Goddesses that they can choose to worship. Buddhists follow the teachings and life of Siddartha Gautama, who they believe found enlightenment through self-awareness, mediation, curbing of desires, and pursuit of inner peace. Hindus also believe in meditation in their pursuit to inner peace.
Buddhists do not believe in the caste system. Hindus believed that accepting the caste that one is born in, and follow its rules and destiny, one can achieve a higher caste in their next life. Hindus believe that the main goal in living is to reach nirvana, a type of perfection of the soul. They believe that the soul is reincarnated until perfection of the spirit and soul is achieved. For the Hindu, the world is a learning ground. The Buddhists, however, consider the world to be full of sorrow. According to