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Build a baby debate
Question 2:

If the technology arises where scientists could re assemble baby’s genes to fit a certain role then I believe the individual would never be able to truly appreciate his or her achievements in life or have any unique attributes. Lets say an individual was programmed to have certain traits that benefit different things for example if a baby was programmed into being a good hockey player but never actually liked hockey then the feeling of resent in that individual will be quite high toward the parents and the question of “what if” will constantly haunt over their mind. This will cause psychological distress in these individuals because their lives will be predetermined before their birth. One person should not have the power to alter and control another individual life ultimately removing ones free will. I do believe this technology could have great medical purposes, in terminating illness and provide health benefits and anti bodies, but it also removes ones unique traits. If no one wants their child to be a ginger then everyone will be using this technology to program their child to something different. The next generation of kids will now have no gingers. I know that doesn’t seem too huge but it just goes to show how easy it would be to wipe out a certain trait and the scary thing about it I find is it will be controlled by society. Normal is a very broad word. Its margins are huge and its ability to change in the blink of an eye is truly fascinating however it can also be quite off setting. Fifty years from now the norm could have substantial differences from today’s norm. That normal could drive people to change their way of living to fit in to society and society itself will constantly be pressuring us into this