Build-a-Bear: Build-a-Memory Essay

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1. Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that Build-A-Bear customers demonstrate, differentiating each of these three concepts. What are the implications of each on Build-A-Bear’s actions?

Answer: Why children like staffed animals? Why children like Teddy bear over other staffed animal?

The answer of the above two question will give you the answer “what is the needs and wants of Build-A-Bear customers?” as well. First of all, children like to play. They always wish to play with those animals and superheroes that they see in the Television screen and other media especially in cartoons. As Build-A-Bear’s customers are almost children, their need is to play.

Now, come to the second question, it focuses of a specific toy
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Answer: From the case study it is clear that Build-A-Bear’s marketing strategy is based on Marketing Concept that is achieving organizational goals knowing the needs and wants of target market and delivering the desired satisfaction better than competitors do.

4. Discuss in detail the value that Build-A-Bear creates for its customers.

Answer: Marketing is all about creating and exchanging values with others. It is a process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from them in return. Build-A-Bear also focuses on the key marketing objectives. They have studies their target customer very deeply and prioritized their (target market’s) need above everything else. So, from the first we see that Build-A-Bear gives the children opportunity to discover their dream land and customize their dream heroes. So, it is not just a bear that children clutch as they leave a store but also an experience that will be ever fresh in their mind. Build-A-Bear does not only value their customer but also their parents. As evidence, Build-A-Bears price range starts with $10 & average price is $25. Another evidence of its customer value is implementing their(customers’) ideas generated from low-tech & high-tech method of interaction.

So, the above details state the values that Build-A-Bear creates for its customers.

5. Is Build-A-Bear likely to be