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To: Professor Calista Heldia
From: Carl Lempski
Date: September 20th, 2013
Subject: Recycled Building Materials in Architecture
The purpose of this memo is to make people aware of the importance of using recycled building materials in architecture. Recycling materials for construction will help increase the sustainable levels of today’s world going green and being efficient in many ways.
Recycling is an important sustainable aspect in today’s generation. Recycled products such as plastic, paper, food or even building materials are contributing to keeping the earth as green and sustainable as possible. People use and live in architecture every day. Constructing a building using recycled materials is a great way to express to the world that people are really persuading the fact to design, build and live sustainable.
I am currently an architect student learning and becoming accustom with recyclable building materials. While studying architecture, the professional field is currently thriving on practicing green and sustainable products to make the construction of these buildings more efficient. People becoming educated about the usage of recycled and reusable materials can be very beneficial to the architecture and construction fields. Not only the fields themselves, but also the environment benefits from this as well. Salvaging and deconstruction of used lumber, metal, stone, or any building material in that matter, will help improve the air quality from not having to burn waste materials. It will reduce the use of landfill use and of solid waste which greatly helps some of the pollution problems we have today.
It is important to use recycled materials in order to have an ‘eco-friendly’ environment, as well as a sustainable building. If everyone in the architecture and construction field start to realize the positive impacts on using salvaged materials the more common it will become. This will lead to a huge reduction of filling landfills with waste that will just be burned or buried which is what pollutes our environment.
More positive impacts from using salvaged recyclable building materials are the cost efficiency parts of it. Especially today, prices on manufactured materials are sky high. Who wouldn’t want to pay less for more products? Any type of building can be constructed just as good by reusing materials which have been recycled and salvaged. Taking this route the construction will