New Wall Construction Materials in China Essay

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New wall construction materials

In the past two thousand years, a traditional material called "Qin brick tile" is used in construction in China. If a material is not made through traditional clay brick making sintering process, it will be called new wall material. Nowadays, with the whole society advocate recycling economy, low carbon economy, implementation of energy conservation, and the connotation of new wall materials also developed. There are many opportunities in new wall materials development. Firstly, one of the most important features of new wall material is to save resources and energy. Secondly, new wall materials meet the needs of building structural systems’ development with its reliable quality, excellent shock resistance, safety and versatility to use as the basic features.

With the accelerated development of industrialization, industrial production emits large quantities of industrial waste, for example, coal gangue, fly ash, slag which are more than two hundred million tons each year. The accumulation of over-years industrial waste has caused serious environmental pollution issues. If these industrial wastes can be used as raw material of new wall materials, it will benefit the whole society. In other words, new wall materials can turn wastes into treasure which will be useful in field preservation and environment protection. Consequently, new wall materials have high growth potential in sustainable construction development. Today, in the construction industry, the cost of coal that used for energy consumption is huge which around 370 million tons every year. Therefore, building industry must develop environmental building materials in construction.

In addition, there are two new-materials success example about green building solutions, such as bubble-clad Water cube, which is one of the world's most energy efficient buildings, and steel-entwined Bird's Nest. Glowing from within, it became the iconic building of the event to billions of viewers around the world. Both buildings broke records, in