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Bullying in schools has become a normal situation in today’s society. Teachers and parents believe its children being kids or just joking around. Bullying over the years has become more fatal, and in some cases has led to self-injure, depression, and even suicide. According to scholastics.com, researchers estimate that 20 to 30 percent of school-aged children are involved in bullying accident, as either perpetrators of victims, Bullying can begin as early as preschool and intensify during transitional stages, such as starting school in first grade or going into middle school. Bullying is an aggressive behavior among children. Bullying can include teasing, verbal abuse, shoving, hitting, or insulting someone on there weight, height, race, religion, sexuality, or appearance. Most bulling happens at schools and playgrounds, but if that isn't enough to get picked on at school, now children say mean things on Facebook and other social networks; such as, Gossiping and spreading rumors about the victim. There are cases were people take embarrassing videos or pictures of someone and post it all over the Internet. Social networking it also another case of victims taking their own life or hurting themselves. Why do children bully? Parents that don't give their children attention or nurture them are most likely to have children who bully. Children who are abused are taught to fight at an early age often model their parents behavior. Bullies are victims of emotional damage that can be caused from abuse, negligence, or UN affectionate parents; However, this can cause a child to lash out at other kids. Children who act in this behavior, it gives them self- control and owner ship over the victim. Bullies often suffer from abuse and emotional problems, because of their low self-esteem, this can lead children to victimize others kids. Another cause of bulling is aggressive video games and violent TV shows, or movies. There are many serious effecst on a child because of bullying. There have been numerous causes of suicide as a result of bullying. Victims often develop eating disorders, severe depression, or hurt themselves. Children isolate their self from other kids, because they are scared or intimated by the bully. Victims often do not tell their parents or teachers, in fear that it will make the bully mad and may make the problem worse. According to Ron banks “bullying in school” in his article he said, “As many a 7% of America’s eight-graders stay at home at least once a month because of bullies. The act of being