Essay about Burger King: Promoting a Food Fight

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Burger King History and success is a proof of excellent franchising and advertising strategies. The company starts in 1954 thanks to James McLamore and David Edgerton that have the idea of a fast-food store with always low prices. First in Miami, then this two entrepreneurial guys realize that advertising was the way to expand its business beyond Florida, with its first commercial on TV in 1958, when the television was in excellent popularity. With the product known by almost everyone, McLamore and Edgerton realize that franchising also would help them to expand their company, the franchising time starts ad 1950 because of the great possibility of expand with low inversion, and Burger King Starts expanding because of this.
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• Mahendra Nath: She is the owner and operator of 90 stores in the upper Midwest and Florida.
• Alex Salgueiro: another franchisee owner.
• Rob Reilly: a creative director for Crispi. He is the one how made the media for Burger king the last years.
• David Palmer: an analyst of the industry of the restaurant UBS.
• Young people: Burger King advertising is deliberately eccentric and thus directly strives to reach a youth focused, Burger King’s target audience are basically the young people, people who are more down to earth and have an open sense of humor.
• McDonald’s: since 1995, they create the Drive true, chicken McNuggets, and it’s the first competence of Burger king in numbers.
• Wendy’s: since 1969 start with one restaurant in Ohio.
Advertising agency:
• Yong & Rubicam: an agency firing by the CEO Brad Blum, they are focused on BK’S flame-broiled cooking method versus frying, and the media of the same company.
• Crispin: and awarding of Y&R for the creative global account of Burger King. They are in charge of the media of Burger king. Crispin made come campaigns for BMW, MINI Cooper, IKEA furniture, Sunglass Hut, Virgin Atlantic Airways
• BBDO: it’s the second advertising agency