Bush at War Essay

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Bush at War

During Bush’s term he faces many challenges that gives us insight on how our president could hold up to threats and world wide situations. During this time he shows great leadership in running our country because of the many challenges that faced him during his term of presidentcy. A Washington reporter gives us his incite on Bush response dealing with September 11,2001. This tragic incident led to the greatest devastation in the United States of America History since Pearl Harbor. It made the United States of America go into attack against the Taliban. Osama bin laden led the al Qaeda, which he was known for (WMD) Weapons of Mass Destruction. This incident brought Americans closer together through the remorse of many lives that where lost. George W. Bush could not take this any longer he wanted to find out who done this, stop them at their tracks, and get justice for the United States George J. Tenet, CIA director was out one morning doing his usual duties. On this particular day George W. Bush was on his way to Florida to visit an Elementary to read to children, so Tenet did not have to go over his morning session on advising him about top-secret information. Tenet found himself stressing over Bin laden and his next move that they where expecting since July 4. On September 11 the world trade centers where raided and as the first plane crashed the world was stunned but thought it was an accident. As the second one hit the President knew right away that this was war. Being President allows you head of the military so Bush wanted war. During this tragic incident all George Tenet could think about was justice for the people and catching whoever did this. The CIA had been after bin Laden for many years since 1998. Even then they hired people who where paid $10,000 a month to takeout Osama bin Laden. The decision on invading Afghanistan, however, was much debated within the cabinet. The hardliners argued that a whole series of new foreign policy were needed to deal with the terrorist threat. Both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney believed that an overthrow of the Taliban was necessary and both were already looking ahead toward the perceived necessity of invading Iraq as a further measure in the "war on terror." On the other hand, Rice and Colin Powell believed that we needed to take a less hawkish stance on Afghanistan. Rice believed that we needed to get people in on the ground in Afghanistan to do more intelligence work before proceeding to an attack. Powell, in particular was wary of getting involved in Afghanistan. He felt that it would be such a dilemma that could suck American troops in, and lead to a situation where the U.S. spent massive amounts of money and risked thousands of U.S. lives without achieving the goal of overthrowing the Taliban. As the bombing drifted on, the war between George Tenet’s CIA and Rumsfeld’s Defense Department heats up in a way. The strong impression is that the decision to bomb the Taliban front lines, which quickly won the war, was made from the bottom up rather than being organized and working their way up.. Director George Tenet and his CIA fought and won the Afghan war with the endgame assist of the Air Force. President Clinton’s funding and years of covert work during the Soviet incursions into Afghanistan paid off in experienced CIA staff and associations with tribal warlords, particularly in the north. Tenet and his paramilitary teams spent seventy million dollars suborning, bribing, and equipping Afghan leaders. After that, Special Service teams from the Defense Department spread throughout the country to designate targets for bombers

Tenet and his people appear impressive while Rumsfeld and the Defense