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A07 – Business Location

1. Explain the term business location. Business location is where a business will want to locate themselves in order to make money where their business is located at. The factors that a business will look at in order to locate their business are how many people are in that area, town or borough, what are the local people in the area interested in, if the people in that area have money to afford what the business offers, and if there is no competition. For example putting a Tesco express next door to a Sainsbury’s local. The falconi business is located in.

Leyton High road
E10 5PW.


2. Describe the following terms and explain why/how the following factors may have helped Falconi make the decision to locate in this chosen location:

• Economies of scale o a. Describe meaning. Economies of scale are when more units can be made on a larger scale. Example of this is IKEA. IKEA is a business that is specialised in selling flat pack goods; these goods use good, strong hard working materials that are sold for cheap. Also economy of scale is how a business helps the public’s needs, they can do this by, if their shop gets too crowded the business will extend closing times or allow the need of more tills. The falconi business will have to look at economy of scale in order to locate their business. I have located the business in Leyton as it is next to the up and coming Olympics. As the Olympics are here it will generate many costumers the need to use the falconi business. Many people newly living in Leyton will have the chance to use the removals company to transport their home goods.

b. Did they locate because of the large space, more staff etc o The falconi business is located in Leyton as Leyton will be very popular as it is right next to the Olympics. Many people will be putting their house on rent, by people putting their house on rent to gather extra money; this will give the opportunity of the falconi business to get to work. The falconi business we generate a lot of money as many people will need a removals company to transport their home goods.

• Local labour force o a. Describe meaning Local labour force is how old or how young a person can work. The minimum age someone in the UK can work Is 16. However people in the UK can retire whenever they want to. People in full time education do not need to get a job as they already occupied. In Leyton majority of people will be looking for a job. And falconi may be the option that they are looking for.

o b. What is the population size in this area? Research trends The population size of Leyton is 11,000. These are all the people living In Leyton.

o c. Has Falconi located here because they wanted to find more people to work for them? The falconi business is located in Leyton as the town is next door to the Olympics. As the Olympics is happening in Stratford it will generate many people towards Leyton. This will make many people put their house on rent. As people put their house onto rent they will want to move to somewhere else, this is where the falconi business will come into play. Also many people students will be looking for work, and the falconi business will be there to