Business Analysis- International Strategy and Competitive Advantages for Global Company Apple Essay

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According to Iliev et al (2004, p. 133), Apple Inc. was selling its products exclusively in America, initially. Nowadays, Apple has expanded significantly beyond domestic market. Apple has so far succeeded to become a multinational organization, selling products and resourcing law materials globally. To minimize the impact of the existing rivalry in the PC industry at the global edge and to maintain competitive advantage, Apple applies non-competition strategies, (Yoffie, 2004). This section examines the strategies adopted Apple Inc to penetrate and to manage rivalry in the global market. Further, this part looks into the competitive advantages of Apple Inc, which enable it to maintain competitive edge In the PC industry
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Further, Apple possesses competitive advantage in specific areas resulting from its distinctive competencies. First, Apple enhances the quality of its products through improved product design, (Iliev et al (2004, p. 135). According to Besanko et al, (2009, p. 362) this helps in creating value through functionality and better product quality, thus leading to more pricing options and differentiation.
Moreover, the Human Resource Department of Apple Inc facilitates it to reach superior quality since it recruits high skilled workforce that ultimately leads to better product quality, thereby also leading to more pricing options and differentiation. Also, the Research and Development department of Apple Inc plays an important role as a source of superior innovation and comes up with new brands of products that create more value to the customers and enhances usability. As well, this factor results in more pricing options and to differentiation. Finally, the information systems in Apple Inc enhances internal communication and also, external coordination which in turn, optimizes business processes. This helps to reduce costs due to increased efficiency. According to Iliev et al (2004, p. p. 135).Apple adopts a model which acknowledges these distinctive competencies and sets a business model which