Essay on Business Btec Level Three - Unit 31 - D1

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D1 - Evaluate the way in which a fashion retailer has adapted its policies in response to an identified target market characteristic.

Topman have many polices that are there in order to make the experience and the time in the store or buying online better for the consumer. The polices are often tailored to the target market to make sure that they are meeting the market characteristics. Topman makes sure that the target market that they are aiming towards is going to be attracted to what they have on offer in terms of a brand and a business. The polices within Topman would have been adapted and made to response to the characteristics of the target market they are aiming towards.

The target market of Topman is teenagers and students,
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They just want to it to be simple return or exchange. Topman pride themselves in the fact that they have made the polices of return easy to understand and follow. This means that the return process for Topman is one of the easiest shops to do it in on the UK high street. The basic rule of thumb that is supported by the return policy is that as long as the product is in the same condition as it was when it was purchased then it can be returned. They are not worried about you have the correct card with you, they are not worried about all labels being on the product. They are just concerned about the product and if you have a receipt. There is not even a need for a paper copy of the receipt, an emailed one will do fine. Doing this is effective in responding to the target market because they are going to like this and then favour this shop over other because they know that they can get good and quality student discount, and effective returns and exchanges polices.
The next policy that has been adapted and changed to meet the needs and requirements of the target market is the waste policy. Topman have adapted this policy to make sure that the people of the target market agree with it and this also makes the company more appealing because they have been able to make sure that all of the waste from the products is going to be reused, recycled to reduce