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Task 1 – Business Name
Our original name for our business was ‘Melon Monkey’ and our business was an electronic business. We then decided to change our business to a chocolate business and call is MONKEYBARTM, we then finalised that name and it is our current name.
Task 2 – LOGO

Task 3 – Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver a delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly chocolate bar that pleases the pallet and frees the conscience of guilt. MONKEYBAR TM takes chocolate to a new level and exiting to eat and can be bought at a low price. The bar is environmentally friendly, and is free of palm oil, protecting orang-utans in Indonesia. Sugar and fat content is low, saving your body and your conscience. The monkey bar is a great tasting, low priced and harmless to your body, and the environment.
Task 4 – Product
Our group’s product is a chocolate bar that is friendly to the environment, as it is palm oil free and does not contribute to the killing of orang-utans in Indonesia. Our chocolate bars features include jelly bits in the middle and sometimes have different natural flavours.

Task 5 – Proposed Target Market
Our proposed target market is mainly young children from the age of 5-10 but everyone can enjoy the MONKEYBAR.
Task 6 – Product Prototype
This is shown as an actual product.
Task 7 – Competitors
Our main competitors in the chocolate industry are, Cadbury, Lindt, Nestle, and Mars. Our competitive advantage as a business is our contribution to saving endangered species, such as the orang-utan, and our lack of sugar and fat content in the bars. Another advantage is our great taste and inventive ideas in putting lollies inside the chocolate for texture and taste.
Task 8 – SWOT Analysis
Strengths in our business are our environmentally friendly products and ingredients that protect the lives of many species such as the orang-utan, and our tasty yet low fat bar that is delicious and guilt free.
A weakness of our business is that we are a new business and we lack any reputation in both the chocolate industry and