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Business Ethics
Papa James
Ethics and Moral Reasoning: PHI 208
Instructor David A. Smith
March 10, 2014

Business Ethics The issues behind business ethics has expand over times. Sometimes companies do not treat their employee’s right and follow their code of ethics. This could cause troubles for the company. Business ethics is a format of professional ethics that examines moral and ethical problems that come about in a business environment. The heart of any company is their employees. The policies that are in forces and not broad helps employees understand their job ethics and complete their job right. Having that strong business ethics make an company survive. Even though business ethics shows strength in a company, treating an employee with respect, investigate situation, and rephrase the customer is always right will help keep a company going along with their services. Companies that actually show their employees respect keep employees happy and conducting a great job. With that being said, companies should use the deontological ethical theory in treating their employees. “Deontology focuses on the duties and obligations one has in carrying out actions rather than on the consequences of those actions” (Mosser, 2012). This ethical theory give the company a great start in fining the employee that will be loyal under pressure. If a company believe in the theory, there employees will be more productive on making the company more appealing to the consumers. Now if a company uses utilitarianism theory in treating their employee could cause some problems. “Utilitarianism states that the act that should be chosen is the one that creates the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people” (Mosser, 2012). A company that makes decision on the major of the groups instead of what is right will never grow and survive. There was a company that made decision from the major of the employees that never know worked in this type of company. The company made the changes and loses customers. Then employees that been in this company for years start quitting. The company suffered and soon closed down. This theory is the worst one to use for the employees because a company is not treating all the employees with respect or trusting their opinion.
Deontology theory rule are a great way companies could show respect to their employees. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is an old Golden Rule the deontology is similar to (Mosser, 2012). Companies having their employees sign a code of ethics states they must be honesty and loyal from the jump to the company. Robert Larmer stated what Duska’s had written about loyalty, “Loyalty is incompatible with self-interest, because it is something that necessarily requires we go beyond self-interest” (Larmer, 1992). With everyone understanding what loyalty to the company mean, will keep the whistle blowing from happen, no big turn over in employees quite, and happy employees which will keep customer coming. Now if the company is missing this strength, harm can destroy a company. All companies use this phase “the customer is always right.” This phase can work for a company or