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On Tuesday April 16th 2013, it was reef ball construction day with our class. Although I was unable to attend that day but according to the pictures it seems to be a very interesting and amazing project. Well first of all having a little knowledge about reef ball construction and the purpose of it, it is basically an artificial man made underwater structure to promote marine life on sea floors. Also, coral reefs provide a haven for fishes, textured surface for new coral reef growth and improve water clarity. Because we are losing a great amount of reefs due to carless boaters it’s causing a problem in our marine life and most importantly our lives as humans. You see, reefs are not just beneficial to the ocean floor but it provides some of which is so important to us that we take for granted such as medicine and food source just to name a couple. It’s always good to know that there is still hope, by making artificial reefs.
The day of coral reef construction our class had the opportunity to put together an actual reef ball structure. Because I was not present on that day, I saw how my class mates worked together as a team to help make a change in our environment. This just shows me how easy it is to help make a change by getting together and creating something so simple. We learned the order of operation on constructing the reefball such as a mold, balls, concrete mix and this special product called ADVA that works great with water to have long lasting reefs. Although it was something so simple to make, funny thing is that one of the reefball was not much of a success because the mixing was not completely dry but it’s okay being that it was our very first time putting one together. I regret that I was not able to be a part of this creation because the actually reefball would be use for the ocean floor and it would have felt great to know that I had a part to do with saving our ocean life. I’m just grateful that I am much more educated about reefball construction because not it allows me to be more open minded about our ocean and how I can share the knowledge with others who may not have any idea about the dangers that is happening to our ocean. This has been a great experience and best of all a life changing experience that will live in me forever.
I like to think of humans on this planet to be considered as an infectious disease and the planet Earth is considered as a body itself. When you think about where I’m going with this, because we as humans are the only creatures that for many years has been causing damage to our environment. Let’s take a look at this in a much bigger perspective, when our bodies have a chronic disease, what can start to happen if medication and precautions are not taken? Our body naturally begins to fight this infectious disease off. It can either live in our system or slowly deteriorate our body until we eventually expires or simply get straight to just killing us. When you think about what we’re doing to our planet it is the same exact measures. For example if we are constantly causing pollution to our environment such as the burning of coil and others that is causing pollution in the air and the saddest one of all global warming which now known as “climate change”. These are just to name a few compared to what is actually happening to the environment. Earth’s body will eventually start to fight us humans off, it has 2 options, it can slowly deteriorate and eventually kill us humans or get straight to the point and die off from us humans. Considering humans as an infectious disease, we are causing too much damage to planet Earth which can cause our lives if we are not aware. According to, Climate change is the long-term shift in weather patterns in a specific region or globally. Climate change is just getting worst over time, some people may over look at this and say that global warming does not exist; but what if it do, wouldn’t you want to be on the safe side? If it does not