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Business Ethics Business Ethics is the application of ethical behaviour in a business context. In deals with internal values that are part of corporate culture and shapes decisions and actions concerning social responsibilities. If I’m a president of a large company, in order for my employees to follow the conducts of business in an ethical manner, I will implement rules and policies for the following; quality of the products, reasonable prices, equal opportunity for employees, and customer’s satisfaction. Firstly, quality is what influences the reputation, future partnerships, and the profit of our company. Reputation stands out to be the most needed qualification for a company. Reputation makes our company get many new customers and future partnerships. I will make sure that the products we make must be in a condition where it’s demandable in the market. In order for us to make more profit one of the best ways is to increase the quality of our products. Secondly, in order for us to compete in the market, a price takes the main place. If we have a high quality product in a reasonable price, the volume of the customers will increase. It also takes a main part in increasing the reputation of our company. Thirdly, all the employees who work for the company should be treated equally and given equal opportunities. Everybody has different interest and different skills that the company needs. All the employees who work hard and give their full efforts will deserve a raise