Essay on Business Etiquette in Your Country and U.S.

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3 / 4 / 2015
Business etiquette in your country and U.S.
Nowadays companies are looking to expand their business all over the world for which it is essential to know the etiquettes of business. David Gass (April 30, 2010) says that business etiquettes are the rules for social situations, relationships and professional work places which direct success or failure of business. There are many differences in business etiquettes between India and America, but the main once include work culture, clothing appearance and giving gifts. Work culture is one the main business etiquette. Work culture includes work timing and importance of work. In United States, work timings are very strictly defined. Most people have a tendency to work only eight hours a day. The employees do not come late and very rarely they stay back after working hours. Regarding importance of work, people consider it as just simple work and they do not struggle on office related work after going home. In contrast, most of the Indian people arrive late to their work place and stay for late hours. They consider work so serious and they sometimes work on weekends also to succeed their task and get promotion. Another difference is clothing appearance. It is an important aspect in Business etiquette. In U.S., business people should follow a professional dress code. According to Richard Feloni and Mike NudelMan (August 25, 2014), an American employee should wear bright colored full sleeved shirt with tie, a dark colored suit and formal shoes. In contrast, Indian people’s dress code depends on the job or work the people do. They also follow formal clothing appearance. But some organizations may accept employees to wear business casuals in the work place except for those who have to deal with customers. Casual wears like casual shirts,