Business: Globalization and Ebay Essay

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BUS 401
03 DECEMBER 2010

E-bay is having so many issues with their Asian Marketing department in my opinion is because there is so much competition going today that between Chinese operations and E-commerce that is having a hard time keeping regular customers due to the high demand from other major corporations. The recent China news also shows how global the e-commerce company's business has become, and how difficult that is to manage. International markets offer eBay a chance to expand its audience and accelerate its revenue and profit. EBay has aggressively entered markets overseas in the past few years because it was late behind rival Yahoo in exploiting the lucrative Japanese online-auction market, which eBay left in 2002. E-bay is coming up with more prominent way to merchants to list more items for sale by auction, rather than in their stores EBay faces a similar challenge in South Korea, where its subsidiary, Internet Auction, now lags behind local competitor G market. G market, which boasts Yahoo as a minority investor, unseated eBay earlier this year in terms of revenue by using a savvier product mix and more aggressive pricing. EBay also faces fierce competition from other multi-national entities. EBay’s domestic competitors such as yahoo and Amazon also recognize the explosive potential for Asian e-tailing and