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The Parol Evidence Rule The parol evidence rule is a part of substantive common law rule in cases that avoids a party to written contracts. Those written contract are from presenting outside evidence that adds to agreement emerges to be whole. The word parol was basically came from French, and the supporting evidence is that if the contract parties agreed and formed a single and final agreement or writing, the evidences from outside, or evidences from past agreement procedures are not eligible to change the current agreement or written documents. So the evidences from past agreements need to leave them out of the contract. Admissible evidence is any kinds of testimonial, documented papers, or solid evidence that may be presented to a discoverer (it is usually a judge or jury) in order to create or to encourage a point put forth by a party to the proceeding. Plus, in order those evidences to be admissible, it has to be relevant, without being prejudicial, and it needs to have some dependability. However, sometimes evidence we gathered is not admissible. Settlement agreements occurred from result of mediation could be one of the examples. Meditation could be not admissible unless settlement agreements describe parties intended agreement be binding or otherwise enforceable. Even though legislature did not necessarily ask a specific form, there must be some of written and signed by parties in meditation. Moreover, those documents need to indicate the agreement is affective