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1. Identify areas of law addressed in the media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report.
Students should refer to the areas of law listed in Chapter 1 of First Principles of Business Law.
Not all listed areas of law will be relevant, but each media report involves at least two areas of law.

This article reports on the incident of Mia Clements, a Chicken Treat consumer, who experienced burn in her mouth and throat after consuming food products that are tainted with cleaning products. Consumer Protection Law
Being the consumer of food products from Chicken Treat, Mia and Leah Clements have the right to be protected against anything bad that happen in consequences from consuming the particular food which is stated in the consumer protection law.

The report quotes Mia saying that her mouth and throat was burning and she said she started getting lumps on her tongue, so it was all just burning; after consuming the chicken and chips that she bought from Chicken Treat.

The bad reaction that Mia received after consuming the food has breached the consumer protection law.

Contract Law
Contract law existed when Mia and her mother decided to buy the goods from Chicken Treat. They received goods from Chicken Treat and in return they pay Chicken Treat a sum of money. A bond existed between Mia and her mother with Chicken Treat; both parties are legally obliged to carry out their promised and if one of the fail to do so, they can be sued.

Administration Law
There are a few government bodies that were involved in this particular case. WorkSafe and forensic police and detectives are among government organisations that are investigating the accident that happen to Mia. By realising the importance of this law, instead of handling this matter by themselves, Chicken Treat have agreed to give their full cooperation with the police and other organisation to investigate further on how the chemicals got into the food.

Criminal Law

Restaurants such as Chicken Treats have to follow a set of rules provided by the government on what type of food that they can serve or the level of cleanliness of their store. In the article reported, the food contamination that happened in one of the Chicken Treat restaurants has caused hospitalisation to a few of their consumers. If the government found out that they have been recklessly and carelessly serving their food to their customers, Chicken Treat could have been given a fine or worst their store could be closed down.

2. Demonstrate how the law functions in these various ways, by reference to specific examples within the chosen media report and the areas of law you identified in question 1.

 Allows people to organise and plan with reasonable certainty

The consumer protection law helped the owners of restaurants such as Chicken Treat. They have to follow the food act that will guide them on the levels of hygienic of their food and store that they have to have so that consumer’s rights of having a healthy and hygienic food will not be neglected. Ignoring these rules surely will cost them consequences from the government.

 Lays down rights, duties and powers of members of different classes and groups

The administrative law is responsible in making sure that the employees and managers in the Chicken Treat store give their full cooperation to the government organisation that is investigating the accident. All employees are obliged to do so no matter of their position and power in the restaurant.

 Permits, encourages, forbids or discourages particular activities

The criminal law ensure that restaurants such as Chicken Treat will be serving good and hygienic food for their customers. They are also obliged to keep their stores clean and suitable for people to dine in. Punishments will be given to restaurants that fails to do so and the results might be they have to close down their stores.

 Creates rights and