Essay about Business Law

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University of Macau
BBEL 230 –Business Law I
Macau, 28 March 2010

|Write your full identification, Western name and section. |
|Only the legislation, without any forbidden notes, can be used. |
|Dictionaries are allowed. |
|Do not repeat the facts of the cases in your answer: analyze them. |
|Do not rewrite entire articles of the law in your answer: just refer
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Can she do this? Can Mr. Lee ask for compensation? In this case the acceptance has arrived at the same time as the revocation. Since both have arrived at the same time the revocation of the acceptance was timely (see Article 227 Civil Code). Mr. Lee can try to invoke pre-contractual liability in order to obtain compensation, but then he has to prove that Ms. Ng has acted in bad faith and that he suffered damage from her actions. This will be hard to prove.

III. A dream in shatters

On March 12th, 2011 Ms. Chou goes to visit Hong Kong and pays a visit to the many antique dealers on Hollywood Street. In one of the shop she discovers an authentic Qing Dynasty vase from the 18th century. After agreeing on the price, she concludes the following contract with the antique dealer: the ownership of the vase will only be transferred upon delivery and full payment of the vase and Ms. Chou has to pay 10% of the price in advance and the remainder of the price upon delivery. For delivery Ms. Chou can choose the following options: either delivery by the antique dealer’s staff or by a specialized firm. Ms. Chou is however in a hurry to catch the ferry back to Macau and both agree that this matter will be settled later.

On March 16th, 2011 Ms. Chou receives a letter from the antique dealer stating the following:

“Unless I have not heard from you by March 21st, 2001 I conclude that you have agreed that delivery will take place by my staff. In that case, we