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Promotion is one of the key elements of the marketing mix that deals with the communication that takes place with the consumer. Deciding on a marketing strategy is one of the primary roles when launching a brand awareness campaign. There are four major points of focus; segmentation, targeting, positioning, and messaging. This process involves some key decisions about targeting the customer segment, how to contact them, and what the message should conveyed. Sports equipment and attire is a billion dollar industry. Nike and Under Armor are two of the biggest sports apparel companies in the current forefront of the fashion world. They both use very aggressive marketing campaigns to captivate and maintain their target market.
The marketing strategy of Nike rested completely upon a product image which is favorable and allowed it to develop into one of the best multinational companies after a while. Nike’s marketing strategy is to invest a lot in commercials and product promotion.
Nike uses emotional branding. Emotional branding is defined as building brand value solely on the basis of creating an emotional connection, without any form of differentiation or functional relevance, such as features and/or quality. (Expressions, 2014) Nike uses both self-loathing and determination to build customer loyalty. Nike advertising strategy is one of the most successful emotional branding models in the marketing society.

Market Segmentation
Sportsmen are the majority consumers of Nike’s products. This is extremely because of the usefulness that goes along with the items. An athlete or sportspersons is more possible to choose shoe designed that is marketed by Company more than an individual who hate sports as well as exercises. Nike focused on these consumers by means of agreements between the Company and sports team, college athletic for product support and sponsorship as well as eventual endorsement to the team members. Through this, Nike is capable to reach an extensive number of consumers and clients who are likely to purchase. Even if some are likely to purchase the products, Company pays particular emphatic concentrating to the sportsmen more than some number individuals even if it also targets teenagers who have hold the hip hop customs. (Slides, 2007)

Nike Company’s lays a lot of strategies to aim their immediate users, athletes and all sportsmen. These targeting techniques include product sponsorship by professional and well known athletic team, college sports team as well as celebrity athletes. This marketing strategy of Nike is particularly successful as of its capability to reach many athletes. Once the sports team manager lay down a particular kind of track shoes manufactured by Nike, the learner have no choice other than to purchase them as well as sports team can purchase the track shoes in a large number and deliver them to the members of the team. (Slides, 2007)

Under Armour has shot up from nowhere to establish itself as a household name alongside industry titans like Nike and Reebok. Kevin Plank started Under Armour by trying to create a non-drip t-shirt. His marketing strategies was very minimum; relying on