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Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. He was born on July 30th 1863 (same birthday as mine). He died in April 7, 1947 at the age of 83. Ford had two unsuccessful attempts to establish a company to manufacture automobiles. Ford Motor Company originally built their first cars in Detroit, Michigan. The first car Henry made was called the Model-T, and he made this in 1908. Ford headquarter is located in Dearborn, Michigan where Henry Ford was born. Henry left his family farm at an early age to work in mechanic shops. Ford later became a chief engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company. Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. The company was a sole proprietorship, which became a family own business later down the line. They have about three hundred thousand employees. Approximately two percent of their employees are represented by unions. The company operates in two services, which are automotive and financial services. Ford Motor Company is also apart of the Big Three manufacturers in the United States. The other two manufacturers is Daimlerchrysler and General Motors. Ford has major manufacturing operations in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, China, Russia and some parts of Asia and South Africa. Ford Motor Company owes Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo. They also have a part ownership in Mazda and Aston Martin. Ford made other products besides cars trucks and tractors. they use to make home electrical appliances under the name Philco in 1960’s. They also