Business: United States and Business Ethics Reflection Essay

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Business Ethics Reflection
Antonio Riley
June 12, 2011
Michael Kollenberg

Business Ethics Reflection
There was a time in which my mother was a department manager for one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States. Her department cash register would always come up short either at the end of the day or on her off days. In her department, two of her employees were people that she knew personally. One of her employees decided to let her know that the other employee was stealing money from the cash register. She told my mother that the head manager had been watching the other employee for a least two weeks and it was a setup to see how long that this problem would continue. My mother was skeptical of how this person because this person would claim to add money to the till so that it would not continue coming up incorrect.
The dilemma she faces was that she had known this person since childhood and also the fact that she was good friends with the woman sister, whom had been murder shortly before this problem occurred. My mother had to make a decision on does she go on what this person is saying or does she report her suspicions to her boss. She decided to put a side friendship and let her boss know about her suspicions. After meeting with her boss, it was decided by her boss to have this employee watched to see if she was stealing. It was determined that she was stealing and management decided to let her resign or get terminated. She was not fired