Business level 3 unit 19 m1 m2 d1 Essay

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Guilherme Oliveira Unit 19 M1 M2 D1

M1: Compare the roles of different members of a team.
A way of doing this task efficiently would be to keep a log setting out of the roles that you and the other members of the team have within the team in which you are working as a part of.

When teams are performing at their best, you are likely to find that each team member has cleared responsibility. You’ll also see that every team member needed to achieve their own personal goals in order for the team’s goal to be fully met to an adequate level. Dr Mereditch Belbin studied team work for many years and he mainly observed that people in teams tend to assume different roles within the team. He defined a team role as a “tendency to behave,
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The information he gathered was shared will the team. Abdul played the role of the company worker, he had to be aware of external obligations and be able to discipline himself and have good self-image. The reason why we picked Abdul to be the company worker is because he is a tough minded person and can do jobs that other team members may not want to do such as disciplining other team members.

The Team Worker and The team finisher: The role of the team worker is concerned with helping people that are frustrated in the team. They give personal support and help to others. They are socially oriented and sensitive to others, resolves conflicts between other team members and serve as a group diplomat while the team finisher is the detail person within the team who has a great eye for spotting flaws and gaps and for knowing exactly where the team is in relation to its schedule. Team members who have less preference for detail work may be frustrated by the team finisher’s analytical and meticulous approach. But the work of the finisher ensures the quality and timeliness of the output of the team. In my team the team worker was Kira as she had good personal skills. This was essential as he had to be able to motivate other team members and help them when they find their selves in a frustrating situation or having personal problems