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Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Different organisational structures and culture 5
Relationship between the organisation structure and culture and the effects on the business 7
Factors which influence individual behaviour at work 8
Organisational theory underpins principles and practices of organising and of management. 8
Different approaches to management and theories of organisation used by two organisations 9
Leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approaches. 10
Motivational theories and their application within the work place. 11
Relationship between motivation theory and the practice of management 12
Nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations 13
Factors that lead to effective teamwork and the influences that threaten success. 14
Impact of technology on team functioning within a given organisation. 14
The restaurants stakeholders strategies that Mr Smith might apply to find solutions to their needs 15
Techniques or strategies to analyse how changes in environmental factors will have an impact 15
Conflicts in the organisation and justify any recommendations made. 16
Recommendation and conclusion 18
Referencing 19


This case study is based on Mr Smith’s restaurant which is located in one of the world leading economical capital which is London city. This case study is being written by me, the assistant manager of Mr Smith restaurant and I am advising him as he is planning to open a chain of restaurant across the U.K. I’m discussing issues and recommending ideas for the welfare and development of the business. The whole case study is about how he could improve and develop the new chain of restaurant.


United Kingdom is a big country where there are a lot of people living with different culture and tradition. The restaurant business is one of the biggest businesses in U.K and those businesses are reaping big profit each year. There are many people who live in U.K and who travel to U.K goes to restaurant and likes to eat out a lot.
Mr Smith’s restaurant is one of those restaurants with a big reputation in London. The owner, Mr Smith is originally from Africa and is running a family owned business and his family also got a chain of restaurant in Africa.

1. Organisational structure
Organisational structure is the hierarchical levels of a company; this structure provides guidelines on subordination and employee responsibilities, and affects the workplace culture.
Types of structures
Entrepreneurial Typical in small owner managed companies
Functional Departments are based on common specialisation. Best suited to companies operating in a stable environment with few products

Divisional Each product or group of products set up as a separate division
Geographical Activities are grouped according to location
Matrix A combination of the functional and divisional. Dual reporting lines

Some of the structures within UK restaurant industry are the:
Flat structure

Advantages of flat structure
• wide span of control encourages delegation and motivation through job enrichment
• lower management overhead costs
• communications tend to be better as horizontal and lateral communication is encouraged
• promotion are real and meaningful
• closer contact between top management and lower levels

Functional structure
Managing director

Production accounting marketing personnel R & D & Finance Assembly shop sales