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Business Plan

Business name
Address 1



Postal code





Web site:


1. Executive Summary 3

2. Business Model 4

3. Business Strategy 5

4. Team and Management Structure 7

5. Marketing 6

6. Financial Budgets and Forecasts 8

1. Executive Summary

Begin your plan with a brief summary of the main points in the plan. The summary should cover where you are now and where you want the business plan to take your business. It is best to write the summary last.

2. Business Model

• Use this introductory section to explain the purpose of the business and what made you start it. Describe the products you will be selling and what makes your business different. Who is your product aimed at? Who would you expect to be selling your product to? Be as specific as possible about your strengths and weaknesses and where you see your opportunities.

3. Business Strategy

Use this section to describe your growth plan for the business over the next three to five years. These are your objectives. Make sure your objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time related).

• Describe the specific tactics that will help you achieve your business goals.

• Analyse the external threats or opportunities that could affect your business and how you might cope with them.

• Explain the core values of your business and how they will benefit the business.

4. Business and Team Structure

State the type of business ownership you will be and why.

Lenders and investors in particular will be interested to find out:

• What skills and business experience you bring to this business venture.

• How many employees (if any) you will need for the business and when you will recruit them.

• What skills and experience any employees you intend to recruit will contribute.

Use this section to identify skills and training gaps that you should fix before the business starts. For example, if you have some general business skills, but no specific experience in the type of