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Buying Sign
The video is about non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication has a wider range of content and meaning than body language. For example, it includes time space management, facial expression, gesture, posture, breathing pattern, eye contact pattern, touch, speed of speech and so on. Woman are usually better at non-verbal communication.
The speed of speech is a very important part of non-verbal communication. It is determined by three major factors. The people who live where is more northern,closer to the coast, and have higher population density will usually have a higher speed of speech. Another important fact is that vocal variance, like the change of speed of speech, or the tone of speech, can help to maintain the audience interest. When emphasizing the key points during speech, one should say it slowly.
Also the First impression is formed very fast, with a good accuracy, and the first impression is mainly based on non-verbal communication. The proper way to approach a woman and man is very different. One can not approach man head on, instead one should come in a slide angle. Direct confrontation of two male, well breaks the comfort zone, and that is why two male rarely stand face to face, when they have a talk, and they tend to stand elbow to elbow. However one should never approach a woman from side. Woman would usually treats this as a threat, instead, one should approach woman head on, which is contrary to man. During a meeting or sales, it is recommended to set opposite to a female, and set an angle with male, to maintain the comfort zone. Woman listen with their eyes, while man listens with their ears. Woman are visual listener, this is another reason why should approach woman head on, so they can always see your movement.
There are three key points to initial and maintain long term relationship with the business partner. All of them can not be achieved by purely verbal communication, but instead non-verbal communication should be used. Firstly, one should project trustworthiness.
Trustworthiness can only be projected through non-verbal communication. Secondly, one should project competence. Man is good at project their power and competence to others compares to woman, which is ironically one of the two skills man are better than woman in non-verbal communication. The other rare non-verbal skill man are better than woman is to

project guilt emotion. All the other emotions women do far better jobs than men do. Thirdly one should project likability. The highest rated conversationalist says fewest number of words, thus listening skill is key to make one become likable. There are three important skill related to listening. The first one is silence. The second one is time, command is more efficient to gather informations. The third one is eye contact, high level of eye contact will help to sale.
The posture is also closely related to listening. When listen to a discussion related emotion,