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Skills Assignment
Based on the text ‘Do not pass go, do not collect $151’
Dargaville The Christchurch Press 11.03.2005
Due in date: 12-04-2014 Trainee: Jesus Ferrer 00651

Receptive skill 1: reading for gist


Article ‘Do not pass go, do not collect $151’Dargaville The Christchurch Press 11.03.2005


In this activity the students are going to focus only on covering the overall theme to catch the main idea from the text.

The common approach of lower level language learners is to focus on reading every word and understanding every word of a text. The reader
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Creating this important habit helps students broaden their horizons in regard to language learning, confidence, and determination for an overall proficiency in communicational skills. (Scrivener 1994:188).

Productive skill: speaking


Tell the students they will be organized into 2 groups to debate the following:

Should the boy’s mother assume the responsibility of giving the money back to the bank, or should they keep it?

Organize groups and set students on the task.

While students talk to each other, monitor their conversations, taking notes for possible error correction.

After 10 minutes complete the task with a whole class feedback.

Finish the lesson with a brief error correction session if necessary.


No especial material for this practice activity.


To generate interest in the topic and set the appropriate environment for speaking, so that the students feel motivated to interact with each other in a freer activity to enhance their speaking skills.

Rationale for speaking:

Sometimes people set out to learn English and come across a common situation, in which they may already have some background information about the language such as mental lists of vocabulary and grammar